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About Us

We thank We Are Family for being there for us.


We Are Family Home Care is a not-for- profit 501c3  Christian  in-home care agency currently serving Baldwin, Escambia  and Mobile Counties Alabama, with  future plans to service  other states , was formed from a burning compassion for the caregiving of the elderly, disabled and families in need. Our goal is to fill the niche by offering help with daily living, assisting families and taking the stress out of caregiving. We Are Family represents family. There is no difference between the care we provide and the care our clients would receive from a love one. We stand apart from other services, in that we are family. We are there for our clients to provide a service that is tailored to their needs.  We are not-for- profit, so our motivation is not profit, but a desire to provide programs and services that will make a difference to those we serve, giving glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.       



    Vision: To be a conduit for God to use to provide help to His people that are crying out to Him. To offer support for the elderly coping with dementia or other age related conditions and the disabled  or anyone who needs non-medical  home care.  To represent family. 

  Mission: Reach out to the elderly, their caregivers and the disabled in the community we service.  To offer non-medical help in the form of companionship, relief for caregivers, running of errands, grooming, house cleaning, preparation of food and any other non-medical need that may arise. To provide an opportunity for those needing a job and have a heart for care giving by aiding them in becoming  certified, trained caregivers.  

 Purpose: There is a multifold purpose. (1) WAF will be fulfilling its mandate by providing help for the needy. (2) The elderly and disabled will receive the needed help to add to the quality of their lives . (3)The newly certified caregivers will have the opportunity to work doing something they love and provide the needed resources for their families. (4) WAF will be a venue for donors to plant their seeds  and reap  a harvest.



The rewards of caring for a loved one who needs our help can be substantial. It’s an opportunity to pay something back, to offer a return on the loving investment someone once made in us. It’s a chance to help preserve a quality life for an individual who has a tough time completing life’s daily tasks. It’s the joy of knowing that we are easing someone’s way, lifting burdens and making sure they are not alone. To provide assistance to this rapidly growing population of seniors, requires an army of senior care providers, who can help with every day in home chores that may be difficult or impossible for many seniors, like meal preparation, light housekeeping, shopping and errands or help with bathing and dressing.  Often as little as 3 hours of help every day can enable seniors to remain in their own home, which is the preferred choice. At home, the senior is able to maintain their privacy, dignity and independence.

 We Are Family   has been given a great opportunity in this season to fill this  gap and reach out to help a very needy group of people. We will reach out to where ever the need is and offer help to the elderly that live alone and has no one to help with daily chores, running errands and etc. We have the opportunity to relieve the family member who has dedicated his/her life to caring for their loved one and needs a break, knowing their family member is being cared for by a caring caregiver. In addition we have the opportunity to provide work for those caregivers who have a heart to help and are looking for additional income to provide for themselves and their families. A person’s income or means of support should not determine whether or not help is provided. We see this as a opportunity to make a difference and help those that are in need.  


 We are a Not-For-Profit 501c3 Organization and donations are  tax deductible.